Getting the Most Out of Your Primary Care Visits

Getting the Most Out of Your Primary Care Visits

Seeing your primary care provider isn't just for when you're sick or feeling under the weather. It's also for prevention, reaching your health and lifestyle goals, and managing your chronic diseases. Having a PCP is the key to staying healthy. Our biggest role as your PCP is to guide you on the right path to healthy living. To help make the most out of each primary care visit, we've compiled a few tips below.

Schedule a yearly preventive exam with your PCP.

At your annual exam, we'll work together to prevent diseases, catch health issues early when they are easier to treat and decide which tests and services are best for you. Your preventive care services may include a vaccine review, blood pressure check, head-to-toe examination, height, weight, and BMI check, lifestyle screening, and review healthy eating practices. With yearly visits, we're able to establish important health history that helps us determine if something seems off or out of the blue.

Come to each visit prepared.

We recommend compiling your questions for your PCP prior to your visit to ensure each of your concerns are addressed. While we may not be able to address every concern in one visit, we can help you get promptly scheduled for a follow-up appointment.

Discuss your health goals and any lifestyle changes you'd like to make during your visit.

We can help make recommendations when it comes to diet, exercise, smoking cessation, stress management, and much more. We also have services and resources available to help you reach these goals and make lasting lifestyle changes.

Take your health into your hands and schedule your annual wellness visit with your primary care provider at Lubbock Primary Care today!